Great Shakes Hydrating Hand Cream

I won’t deny that I bought this hand cream, Great Shakes, solely based on the marketing tactics, put forth by the company, Soap and Glory. It was comparable to Marilyn Munroe’s attraction to diamonds, the way I found myself drawn to the packaging. I can’t say as I investigated it much more than this, before putting it in the cart, as I was just out to pick up some hand cream and this looked as good as any, in my Eleventh Hour.

When I finally got some alone time with this cream, I was pleasantly surprised. It has a hint of fennel and lotus flower, giving it a really soft scent. Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow are other compliments to this Piece of Heaven. I can’t stand heavily scented hand creams, they get into the taste of your food and everything goes to hell in a hand basket from there. It wasn’t greasy, like some of the hand creams, typically found in neon green tubes, yet it still has glycerine in it. When I picked up my plate of food, it didn’t slip out of my hand, another plus.

I started investigating this product a little more, because I am impressed by this point, and this piques my interest, spurning the ‘need to know more’. Where did this company, Soap and Glory, come from? What is their deal? Why do I feel like I’ve stumbled across some really special stuff here? I checked out their website,, and not only did it ‘tickle me pink’, because it was so pretty and perfectly portraying what I, as a woman, am looking for, in aesthetics, but also, that this company is fairly ‘Do-Gooder’, another gold star!

Their motto is “At SOAP & GLORY we believe you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg just to moisturize one.” I’m in love already! If there’s one thing a Lady likes, it’s to be able to pamper herself, affordably. “You don’t have to be bankrupt to be beautiful”, how genius! Already I’m sold by this random product I picked up, two hours ago, and am ready to invest in company stocks. Another sexy little tidbit about the company, Soap and Glory, is that it is run by women. Alchemists in the beauty regime, of course they’re going to come up with a superior product, they know their demographics, personally. Another perk for these girls is that they’re promoting environmentally friendly habits, such as taking a two minute shower. Not that you shouldn’t enjoy your shower but at what cost? Excellent side focus, ladies.

So, back to the main reason why I got excited in the first place, my new hand cream, Great Shakes. I love it. I’ll buy it again. I’ll promote it. I love the company and what they stand for. Their aesthetic appeal is above average and beyond reproach. It’s been a week now since I was first introduced to this type of pampering for my digits. I have to admit, my extremities are softer than ever, I’ve used it on other parts of my body with the same exceptional results. Men have used it without cringing at it being ‘girlie’ and it fits perfect in my purse. Seriously, this hand cream has ‘tiger blood’ and it’s definitely ‘winning’.

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