Biography Writing

Here are just a few of the electronic music biographies I have written. Each is tailored to the Artist’s particular style and brand.


Robert Mason –

“By tapping into his roots as a Classical Composer, natural-born performer, Robert Mason brings an introspective new taste to the deeper side of Electronic Music today.

No newcomer to the scene, Robert Mason has undergone various artistic transformations and has been a master of reinvention. But as every Artist learns more about who they are and what they want, his case is no exception to where evolution has taken hold.

Robert produces a more rounded sound, including real instrumentation – paying homage to his background in traditional composition, matching it with modern day technology.

The final result is a finely tuned sound, noticeable attention to detail and the melting and melding of melodies into music to fit all dance floors.”


“It is said that all seemingly overnight successes usually have an extensive backstory. Japanese Producer/DJ ANRI is no exception to this rule. Passionate from an early age to forge her way in the Electronic Music Scene, she has dedicated herself to perfecting her craft. In doing this, her repertoire has grown along with her fan base.

Securing her first gig over a decade ago at club in Tokyo, it wasn’t long before her signature style of music and superbly tight skills were in demand across the country. She quickly found her sonic niche, a concise incorporation of a broad spectrum of electronic genres, from Deep House to Techno and everything in between, always sticking to her groovy, deep roots.

ANRI relocated to Melbourne, Australia where she secured a residency on Steve Ward’s Kiss FM radio show “Chameleon Recordings Radio”. This even furthered her notoriety as a DJ. In the interim, ANRI kept herself busy by learning English and moving into music production. She explored the depths of music creation at the Electronic Music Academy where she enrolled as a student.

Having now officially joined “Chameleon Recordings” as an artist under their agency, she performed at every Chameleon event, headlining several of their mailroom parties all over Australia and throughout Europe, while being an integral part of the label’s pioneering efforts in the Australian techno scene.

For the past decade, Anri’s artist profile has outgrown her home country, leading her to be a name often seen playing at numerous festivals worldwide and at clubs around the globe. From North to South, Madrid to Australia, Anri has performed in a diverse array of world-renowned environments including the massive Rainbow Serpent Festivals in 2011 and 2012 (Melbourne), Winter Solstice (Cairns), the Eclipse Festival (Cairns) as well as several club nights in Amsterdam. 2013 saw her perform at numerous gigs in Sweden, and in 2014 she successfully completed her very first China Tour.

Recently, ANRI has been on the high road to success with powerful releases an various well-known and respected labels. A short documentary (The Story of ANRI) was made about her while she attended ADE 2014 in recognition of her impending move to Berlin, where she now resides. ADE 2014 also marked a signature moment in ANRI’s career as she organized and hosted her own party. ANRI finds herself in high demand as one of Tokyo’s top independent event organizers, while her deep knowledge and strong interest in Japan’s world-reknown “saké” culture adds to her unique ability to create a special and unforgettable vibe at any event that she is involved in which was clearly evident in Amsterdam.

“I always try my best, so I can be the best” – ANRI

Anri has gone from strength to strength over the past decade and by the looks of her upcoming bookings and release schedule; don’t expect her to be putting the brakes on any time soon.”

NightMovers –

“There’s something unique and nostalgic about True Underground flavor. This flavor is one known not only to the veterans of the electronic music scene, but also to those keen on details and craftsmanship, splashed with a little touch of the unknown.

This is where Night Movers come in.

Night Movers is a collaborative, forward thinking project between two long time friends based out of Toronto, Canada and New York City, USA. This project is brought to life by their mutual love for the true grit and grime of real Underground music as it resonates through everything they do.

Be it through their sets or productions, Night Movers proliferate sounds of yesteryear met with the freshness of today’s modern techno, mixed in with their own dark groove and style.

With a multitude of upcoming releases on a variety of well-known labels, even if their name is new in today’s scene, this duo certainly is not.”

Phase Difference  –

“If asked what Greek Producer, Phase Difference, would put in a biography to describe himself, he would semi-jokingly say, ‘I’m in the studio, too busy to write a bio’ and busy he has been indeed.

2009 was the year he started toying with electronic music. Through a process of trial and error, his passion for creation grew. Phase Difference’s productions are distinct and exude this personality, radical and groovy, heavy hitting dance floor bombs.

Influenced from a diverse roster of artists ranging from Deadmau5 to Richie Hawtin, he has established a reputable name for himself in the industry. Through Originals and Remixes, his tracks have charted numerous times on Beatport and have been signed to a multitude of labels such as 1605, Bosphorus Underground Recordings, AAAAH Records, Human Garden Music and Rabies Records, just to name a few.

Who knows what tricks Phase Difference has up his sleeves as his career in music unfolds but one thing is for certain, he delivers a driving product every time.

“It’s music, why so serious?””

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