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Here are some writing samples of music reviews, event reviews or copy writing for releases.

Music Review for Christian Bachmann feat. Fabio Russo, How It Feels To Be Free

Published in Decoded Magazine North America, April 2015

” “If anyone knows how it is to be free

Show me a door you walked in

Just to get free.

If anyone knows how it is to get there,

Show us the door that you walk through”

These are the lyrics for Christian Bachmann feat. Fabio Russo, How It Feels To Be Free, the new Radiohead-esque single coming soon on the Premium album. Manual Music, owned by Amsterdam Producer, Paul Hazendonk is known to be a boutique-y type label, a go-to place for eclectic tracks and How It Feel To Be Free is no exception to the rule.

From the first note, we catch a sense of longing but are not sure where we are about to be taken. Bubbly synths give an uplifting feel to the track until Fabio’s inquiring vocals ease through adding melancholy to the melody, asking if anyone knows how it is to be free and asking where the door to freedom is. For those who love vocals and lyrics, the profound meaning in the perfectly moody timed lines sets the stage for the orchestral procession to follow.

Listeners are transported into Fabio’s world and captivated by the chord progressions as if they are on his journey to find freedom, almost wanting to give him the answer. Minor tones are the major component in this track, matched with layered growing harmonic strings until after the break, a vocal drop once again to die for, one of the ones that will stick with you like Simon Shackleton’s We All Shine On.

The track takes an optimistic turn sonically and with its gradual build in Fabio’s introspection and seeming acceptance that he might not see freedom.

“I didn’t really get this time,

Everybody spins out of sight.

Everyone is just like a cloud in the sun.

I have no idea what it takes to feel

And I have no room to run.”

As the track fades away, the listener is left feeling uplifted but also as if they have been let in on a secret. I’m focusing a lot on the vocal aspect of this track because it is the ‘make-it’ element and it has impact and drives emotion. Personally, I hope Fabio finds freedom now. This is not to diminish the craftsmanship of the track itself that seems to combine musical elements of past, present and future – cohesively. Keys, strings, warm percussion, wells, dips and rises, compelling Fabio to bare more.

Definitely a nice switch up from dance floor music for ones music library and I’d suggest it best enjoyed with a side of time for yourself.

Available for mass consumption June 2015.”


Release Copy for the Lune EP by Dany Rodriguez and Tom Hades’ – Yeaahh

More samples here:

Rhythm Converted is pleased to present the Lune EP by Dany Rodriguez

The  Lune EP is set to make the crowd get lost in the rhythm and in touch with their most primitive selves, techno made for moody, dark dance floors.

The mélange of Lune’s ethereal synths and menacing bass line make for a perfect moment of introspection later on in the night, whereas Impact is a bit lighter, with a bit more bounce, yet still holding true to the grit and minor sounds of the EP.

Rhythm Converted is pleased to present Tom Hades – Yeeahh

Tom Hades is back with another one of his chugging tracks that he is well known for. Yeeahh is chunky techno with a round bass line and a smattering of impact synths sure to keep the dance floor in top form at peak time. When it drops, you will feel no pain.

Head To Head is a synthier, moodier track with a sense of urgency in its slightly Acid flavor and inviting occasional vocal. On a dance floor, best served with flashing lights, Head To Head will make you shake things you didn’t know you had.


Live Event Review for Omid 16b & Nick Warren at Do Not Sit on the Furniture in Miami, March 2015 for WMC

“There was no breaking in gently at WMC 2015 as the Omid16B and Alola Records showcase at Do Not Sit On The Furniture on Sunday, March 22nd smashed the week into overdrive the first night. With a line up of Alola Records’ label owner Omid 16B himself alongside Kike Roldan, Alex George, Desyn Masiello and special guest Nick Warren, the night promised to be one taking no prisoners.

We had landed in Miami earlier that afternoon and after checking ourselves into our apartment in North Beach, we gathered the directions and confirmed we were on list for the night. I had been speaking to Megan Nazari, the beautiful wife of Behrouz, in order to set this up along with Omid. We showered and prettied ourselves up to head to South Beach as we downloaded public transportation apps to be sure we knew where we were going. Conveniently enough, we learned busses ran all night which left us feeling a bit more relaxed knowing we would make it to the gig, even if it was a bit later on.

Upon arrival, we were ushered into the cozy club with no questions asked. Within the first instant we realized we had walked into a very intimate and interactive jovial kick-off with everyone on the line-up high-fiving, smiling and letting loose. The crowd was eating it up and the look on their faces was one of sheer delight. The dance floor was being transported into the nether regions in a way only the most tenured of artists can do.

The music, oh the music, it was what we had come for. It was anything but predictable and rolled with an ebb and flow comparable to the waves of the nearby ocean, each track folding perfectly into the next seamlessly. Nu-disco-y tunes matched with some classics fused together with a progressive feel kept the partygoers dancing early until the morning.

Everyone on the roster went above and beyond to make Mason and I feel welcome and it was lovely to finally meet Megan after communicating with her this whole time in preparation for WMC. Do Not Sit On The Furniture is a quaint venue situated on 16th St. Its character comes to life at first glance when you notice the mirrored “disco ball dolphin” hanging from the ceiling. The club is dark but warm and the perfect size for this type of party. It allowed the crowd to interact with the performers and vice versa so it felt like there was a complete exchange of energy across the board. The crowd fed off the DJs and the DJs fed off the crowd.

Watching Omid 16B and Nick Warren play back to back was a treat we hadn’t had up until this time. We have seen Nick play with Hernan Cattaneo before and could usually pick out when they two would switch off but in this case, if you weren’t watching who was playing, you wouldn’t have been able to tell who was on the decks. It was just high quality music all night with zero boundaries. I think we heard a bit of Depeche Mode in the mix and the crowd ate it right up.

We left just before 5am, saying our goodbyes and promising to meet again on Tuesday but for us, our week had begun. We had the dancing bug, the reporting itch and we were walking around in shorts at 5am in Miami, a stark comparison to where we had been in the frigid Toronto weather less than 24 hours before. IF the rest of the week promised to be as delightful as this first event, we were ready for the sleepless nights that ensued without a doubt.”




To: Dr. John Tran <>

From: Amber Long <>

Date: October 5, 2015

Subject: Request for design and theme input for annual report


Good day Dr. Tran,

My name is Amber Long and I am the project manager for the annual report for College X. I’m reaching out for your valued input and suggestions about the design and theme of this year’s annual report.

As the month-end deadline draws near, the Director of the project, as well as myself, thought it would be beneficial to share with you where we are at with the report and get your ideas before the final version gets published. Did you have anything in mind?

Please let me know by end of day October 7, 2015 if we can count on your contribution.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.


Amber Long, Annual Report Project Manager




Date: October 5, 2015

To: Employees of College X

From: Amber Long, Board Chair

Subject: College X Announces New President


The Board is pleased to introduce to you Dr. Philip Jansen, the new President of College X.

Dr. Jansen comes to us as the former Deputy Minister of Education with the province of New Brunswick. He brings with him 20 years of experience in the areas of education, government, business management and not for profit fundraising. Dr. Jansen’s reputation precedes him as an educator, manager and public servant, creating positive change everywhere he has worked.

The search for the new president took approximately 8 months and Dr. Philip Jansen replaces Dr. Katharine MacAdams who announced her retirement earlier this year.

Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Jansen as the newest member of the College X community.