Video Marketing

September 2015, Toronto – Amber Long is a Toronto-based multimedia professional specializing in the production of marketing tools for Artists and live events. Amber currently works as an active freelancer in the GTA while completing her postgrad studies in Public Relations.

After spending many years working a 9-5 marketing job, Amber took note of the vast technological and business changes happening, in the music industry specifically. This is where Amber’s true passion lies. An Artist herself, these changes piqued her interest, not only to help with her own art, but also, she noticed a public need for video marketing materials, proper website copy, professional photography, streamlined social media and brand management. Tenured, Amber left her insurance job and went back to school to fill the need she perceived in a niche market.

Media Communications Fundamentals inspired her to get her feet wet, and then jump in, briefing her on the advanced multimedia world today. A three year Broadcasting and Film Program was next for Amber where she focused on her ever-present, assumed and graciously granted role as perpetual Video Editor.

During this time, Amber won a Donny Award for Best Editor of the short film (not trailer) Songs About Dying‘ and edited the KOL TV hour-long Canada Philippine Fashion Week 2014 TV broadcast. In October 2014, Amber was commissioned to Amsterdam to shoot and conduct on-site interviews with influential international Artists attending Amsterdam Dance Event for UK-based online magazine, Decoded Magazine. In March 2015, the backdrop became a yacht as Amber went to Miami for Winter Music Conference to shoot the promo video for ‘Never Get Out of the Boat’, featuring legendary DJs Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J. Upon her return and after some clever editing, the video was then released on an extensive array of social media platforms. ‘Never Get Out of the Boat’ has over 10,000 views on Amber’s YouTube alone and over 500 shares from Nick Warren’s Facebook page in less than 6 months. In a more controlled environment, Amber has directed, shot and edited stylish music videos for many genres. Most recently one was aired on City TV’s Breakfast Television Toronto in June 2015.

Amber has always and continues to create short documentary segments and produce marketing materials for clients that drive results through search engine optimization and social engagement. Her creative vision is derived from her own passion for the Arts and her ability to add that ‘special ingredient’, personal investment. This translates into a tailored, unique and innovative experience for everyone involved. From art shows to catwalks to boat cruises to 4am club nights, you’ll find Amber with camera in hand, capturing the energy of her surroundings only to morph them into a memorable video product for both clients and their audiences to enjoy while helping define and embellish their brand’s online technological footprint for years to come.