Sunday Night Commentary to Make Up for Monday’s Homework

It’s Sunday night, way too late, yet again, but it’s OK because breakfast was served around 7pm. I know 6am will come screaming through the alarm on my Blackberry but I’ll make it through with a couple cups of coffee and an afternoon nap. As per my traditional questionings about humanity, this weekend proved nothing short of another social study in the behavior of those that walk among us.

I used to go to a lot of rock shows. I love all types of music so this isn’t surprising. The different instruments would hold my ear as I tried to figure out the percentage of attack and release while I basked in eloquent panning. Now, the further I’ve fallen into the electronic scene, I feel like a carpenter who’s decided to specialize in finishing trim work. This means I’ve been going to a lot of fully electronic shows. I’m zooming in on my chosen path, so to speak.

I bring to the table my opinion about this new wave of digital minds…

If we, as a society, are, in theory, supposed to have evolved from apes, if that’s easy to believe, why is it hard to believe that with the evolution of technology, that we, the ‘apes’ who created said technology, would not breed ourselves into a more digitally inclined species?

I’m doing a project right now on the evolution of digital music. This has no bearing on my opinion of analog music. I believe there is a complimentary place for everything. but in this project, I’m digging to the roots of electronic production and really, it takes a different ear to mix an acoustic guitar, or anything analog for that matter, versus something digital. But the desired outcome is completely different too, therefore, OF COURSE, it would require a different mixing ear.

I remember as a young teen listening to the archaic dance tracks of the early nineties. I knew I heard things differently because I’d be the one in the car sing-a-long that would add the sounds that weren’t there… I heard the breath of the kick and the reverb on the synth and I was held in the aural planes these brought.

I bring my point back to one I’ve made before, that analog and digital can be compared to warm and cool colours. It takes all hues to make a rainbow and a rainbow could be considered a symphony. I’m Pro-music. Pro-creativity. There are so many artistic souls out there, each with their unique gift to give to the industry. We’re fortunate that DNA has bred us all differently so that we can walk the earth, meeting, greeting and collaborating in order to make on resonant sound, that of inspiration.

Keep doing what you love, in whatever capacity you can. Accept criticism, it’ll help you grow. Learn your strengths, make them your trade. Regardless of what’s ‘cool’, be true to yourself and your craft, if anything, you’ll learn a lot about how you tick. Focus is key. Wipe your feet clean of negativity at the front door.

I used to be a personal trainer. I used to work out, 2 hours a day. When you do that, you get so used to the muscle soreness that it becomes part of who you are. Now, I make music. 10 push ups make me hurt for days but I can write you a solid track in 24 hours. My ears bend over backwards for the proper delay. I can go for hours without taking my eyes off the screen and I dream in sound waves. Regardless, if we live in an analog or digital world, truth is, our brains are muscles and they need to be exercised. The more you practice, the better you become. The better you become, the more you realize your potential. The more you realize your potential, you realize how little you know. Funny how that works. Give your minds a constant work out.

It means we have to keep at it…

It’s definitely bedtime. This blog hasn’t much to do with media, versus the demographics that the media is set out to attract. Maybe because I feel more analog today. Maybe because I’ve been immersed in dissecting digital music all weekend. Maybe I feel like my creative cells have been replenished by all I’ve been a part of, and they’ve plumped up, ready for another imaginative go at things. Either way. may this just be your weekend beacon and your bit of positive reinforcement telling you to stick with it… your art, that is. There is room in this big world for every artist who’s willing to bear their soul and work hard for it.

Good night.

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