I’m Sorry, Rebecca Crap

In today’s news, society has stooped lower than the second time a Bush was elected into the White House. Only this time, it affects, not only the state of a country but also affects the reputation of the Arts. After this hideous train wreck, will the history of music be changed forever? Will we be able to pick up the pieces and pretend this never happened?

She’s dark haired, 13 and made of stone, or so it seems. Is Rebecca Black just a media ploy to see how far we’ve fallen, into the gutter? Will we accept anything put on our plate with a pretty face and repetitious words that resonate inside us, irritatingly? I am proud to say that I consider myself to have nerves of asbestos and I had to shut the front door when I clicked on Rebecca Black’s heinous video.

Let me explain why it leaves such a sour taste in my mouth.

First, the production is completely disgusting. Did this girl not have ANY vocal direction at all? Is she auto tuned into being a numb sound? Has she been injected with Botox as she wears that perma-grin, the entire video? I can’t handle it.

Secondly, not only as an artist but also a mother, the lyrics… Well, I’d feel better reading my kids something out of Playboy as it’d probably have proper grammar and a more clear, concise message than asking oneself whether to ride in the front seat or the back.

I wouldn’t read to my kids out of Playboy but if I did, it’d be equally as shocking as anyone having a true appreciation for this track. I’m not usually a hater and I love the little, prostitot, ‘tween stars, but this… THIS? This is TRIPE! This is an insulting hoax to the intelligence of humankind and our next generation. I feel like a real jerk to be so disenchanted with a child but what ‘they’ did to her… It’s worse than what ‘they’ did to Britney, they made Rebecca Black look like a fool, Britney did it to herself.

On a brighter note, her video has gone viral, with over 3 million views, currently, she’s trending on Twitter and the money she’ll make from interviews and tears shed may make her shave her head. Once she grows from this she can Lindsay Lohan her way through her teen years or Hilary Duff herself quietly into her twenties, relatively unscathed.

How does this apply to media? We dress them up, we write their lines, we paint their faces and prop them up pretty. We take pictures dictating what things ‘should’ look like and then reenact these scenes and play them on repeat, brainwashing the weak. Only because the media is strong. And the opinions of a dysfunctional collective are considered gospel. Only because the media is strong. And this makes it glaringly obvious how frighteningly blind we are as a people.

I couldn’t look away. I just kept asking myself if it was real and when it was going to end. Just when you think it can’t get worse, keep watching, I assure you, it does. Is this a media joke? I hope so. I really hope so. Then take a step back, like I just did, and realize you are completely propagating this negative trending by even talking about it in the first place. Argh.

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