Poor Design

Is it an old planter? A downsized supply closet? Did it used to be a wheelchair lift? If it was once a wheelchar lift, what a shame that we’d regress so much as a college to make it no more than a useless concrete box with a locked door.

There is a square box of nothing. With a door. The door has a lock. It is found by the Atrium, a place of congregation for students. And it is just there, with seemingly no meaning. It’s about a four foot cube, empty box. It looks like the floor is all part of it and the concrete doesn’t seem to split, therefore, possibly dispelling the idea of it being a wheelchair lift.

Perhaps it’s used to hold props for performances or events in the Atrium. It looks strong enough to be able to hold a substantial amount of weight, in fact, it could even be part of the actual building itself. Since it’s about four feet tall, you can see in, as there is no top to this cube of nothing. The walls to it are about four or five inches thick, as well.

It’s structure shows us that if it was ever used, it would’ve been able to hold heavy weights. I don’t understand why there is a steel door on it, let alone a lock on the half-door, into the cube of nothing. It is the most senseless addition to the building that I was able to find. It stood out. People mill about, trying to pretend it isn’t an eyesore but I’m sure I’m not the only one that is confused as to why it’s even there.

I think this week, I shall make it my mission to go speak to someone in the Student Life Center to ask around and see if anyone knows the history behind the Cube of Nothing. It’d also be nice to get other people’s opinions or suspicions as to it’s history and use, or potential use, anyway.  I’ll be sure to keep you updated with my results.

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