Design Journal – November 15, 2010

I’d love to call myself a Gearhead but I believe I missed that boat. I’m more of a ‘software whore’ and I want to know more (and more and more) about it. I adore computers and everything about them, even when they don’t listen. I’d pick working with computers versus humans, any day, and I’m not ashamed to say it. Perhaps it’s the ‘detachment’ of working with plastic and wires, or maybe the attachment of commanding to make things ‘just so’.

I’ve called the iphone the ‘bane of my existance’ for the last 3 years since Rogers released it. Probably because I worked in the industry and there were so many problems in the beginning, as Rogers was the only provider that carried the Apple product.

Slowly but surely, I’m coming to terms that I need a Mac for my musical endeavors. The creative software that Macs possess far surpasses that of any PC. And with these you have tangents, right? For other Apple products. It’s like an elite software gang in kahoots with some innovative hardware. Seems unfair to Mr. Gates. He made his choices…

One new little addiction of mine is the Liine software that can be used to run clips from Ableton Live 8 through your Apple iphone or ipad. It is a MIDI interface that uses the TouchOS. It can be used on Windows but it was initially created for Apple products. I just think it’s amazing that I could be in a different part of a building and be able to control Ableton Live, my music, remotely. For example, I could be performing on stage and my partner in crime could be mixing my music from the back of the room, or while having a cigarette outside. Incredible. Or while recording in a soundbooth, I could reset my Ableton and start re-recording it without running from room to room to press buttons. It’s definitely a novelty toy kind of program but it’s high-end and highly marketable.

This is the one website page that I’ve been pouring over lately, trying to grasp all it’s ‘awesomeness’. I’ll keep you posted as far as the Kapture plug-in that Richie Hawtin uses for his live shows… That will be next weeks’ edition. 🙂

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