Eye Candy Modulation – Design Journal

It’s official. I’m a nerd. To the point where I make myself blush and look at my shoes… That’s how much I adore nerdy, geeky things. I’m fortunate that I associate with other like-minded nerds. We share ideas, discoveries and brainwaves. The latest of these, since we’ve been making videos in class, is a VJ program called Modul8. Kids, hold on to your seats when you see what this software can do.

Used in diverse areas of technology and entertainment, such as VJ-ing, contemporary art, live performances, theater and video production, this program is used globally, perpetually impressing the community that swears by it. Modul8 is an interface that prides itself on being designed to be used in real time, absolutely perfect for spontaneous additions to performances, making the ordinary, extraordinary. Also giving artistic souls the ability to express themselves when the inspiration hits. Each switch up can be seen immediately, the moment it’s added. Mind blowing, really.

The program prides itself on being user friendly and all frames can be altered to suit each user’s creative style. It’s like having a real time graphics editor. It works in a 3D vector space and it can be any resolution supported by the video card of the computer being used. It features ‘drag and drop’ simplicity and there are tons of effects and filters to add that individually unique touch.

I won’t claim that I stumble upon these amazing products. Nerds tend to sit around and talk about software like bikers talk about Harley Davidson. An incredibly talented friend of mine who is a producer of electronic music introduced me to the Modul8 site. He showed me a video he had done, using the program. Obviously, since I’m rather obsessive about electronic music, it made me beam.

It does run, solely on the MacOS but really, my opinion is that you should be using MacOS anyway for seriously artistic projects. There is a demo version you can download if you are interested and the site houses a hearty collection of video tutorials to hold your hand in the beginning.

I’m adding Gridmode‘s videos that they did on Modul8. Mason Bach, dear friend and the genius responsible for some delights on my album, XXX, is half of a project called Gridmode with his partner in crime, J-Sub. They’re great. Not only do I love Gridmode‘s music, the videos are just plain eye candy, and understanding a little about how they were made makes them that much more enjoyable.

Take a few minutes out of your day… All the nerds are doin’ it.
Have fun…

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