Mexico con Amber Long? Si

Excited to be headed south next month to play in Mexico City with Sound & Concept at Sensationfest 4.

Originally it was to be June 17th but Digweed is playing that day so “Hail to the King!” and we postponed our party by a week because come on, given the chance, I would be at Digweed before I went to my own gig so yeah… Totally bummed I’ll miss him but am really excited to see the pyramids while I’m there. If there is one thing I love about my job as a musician, it’s seeing all the magical and glorious scenic things in the world – things that happen outside a nightclub.

We all know how much fun it can be in the dark…

My set is 3 hours which will let me cover all the right bases and get into some dirty techno before the sun comes up. Can’t wait to see some great friends while I’m there too! More details coming soon!

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