“You are not only a child of the universe, but also a creator”

I chose to share this wise musing that I was told recently:

“Within you lies all of the answers. Your biological parents played the role they were meant to in terms of their spiritual contract with you. They were the channels for your birth into this world. You did not come from them, but through them. When you came through them, it means that you may be influenced by the genetic frequencies held in the lineage of their biology. That does not define who you are. That only speaks to how you were shaped until you learn that you are powerful enough to shape yourself with the assistance of Life energy and experiences for growth. Life energy is all Love at it’s essence. While it may help to have answers about your biological family in terms of health, it may also hinder you in other ways. I believe that the mind, once it believes something, tends to create it. Trust your own wisdom and keep working on yourself. It is possible to shift as you are not only a child of the universe, but also a creator.”

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