Love isn’t meant to be understood, it’s meant to be lived.

Today I woke up with my best friend. We’ve been friends for almost six years. In the beginning, it was all just a tease and everything was perfect every day. We always smiled and always laughed and the amount of pressure in life was minimal because we were so high on each other.

And a year went by, then two, three, four, five…. And real life crept in and problems arose that stole our smiles. Stresses happened that made us sad. Grey hairs started growing and cellulite started forming. But my friend held my hand the whole time. Even when I didn’t want him to sometimes. And he would give me a hug when I wanted to push the world away.

Money has always been a challenge but we’ve managed to see beautiful parts of the world, coming back stronger and wiser because of it. We eat together, work together and play together. We extend beyond our means and bounce back like Gumby somehow, some way.

My best friend and I have been through a lot. We met in a blissful paradise of oblivion brought together under flashing lights playing the same gig but have evolved to life partners making it work… Helping each other make it work. And if it isn’t working, we wait it out until we can figure it out.

Romance and love between two people albeit a visual thing we can see also includes so many factors we can’t see, the stuff that happens behind closed doors like drying tears, motivational speeches, life altering moves and actions, ultimatums for change mixed with understanding, compassion and patience.

My best friend isn’t perfect nor will he ever be. I am far from perfect. But I keep waking up and I keep choosing the same best friend, the same lover, the same comrade, the same confident for my secrets and dreams. I keep looking for the comfort of his hugs and kisses – like being home.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my babe Robert Mason. I have and will always ch-ch-choose you  Love isn’t meant to be understood, it’s meant to be lived. I’m glad we live it together.

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