“It’s who you are, working with what you are, to get where you want to be.”

For school, I have to put together a ‘resume’ of sorts, or maybe better yet, it can be described as an artist timeline. This got me thinking… I had to put fingers to keys and document the last 5 or 6 years?

Straight up, the timeline may waver a wee bit, like I have, throughout the years, but it’s all documented through press, online links and social media. Yay, technology. And now, it’s posted. I know I’ve missed details and left out the parts about working corporate jobs, dealing with poor choices and breaking the bank to make it all happen.

Anything you want to accomplish that is worth something will cost something.

I think the key is to just know yourself first, then figure out what you want. Once you know what you want, then you just go for it. There are no if, ands or buts about it, no sidetracking, no faltering. It’s who you are, working with what you are, to get where you want to be.

I guess that’s why I’m sharing my homework. I’m still on my journey and the farther I trek down this path, the clearer it gets. I never expected anything to happen overnight; in fact, I never expected anything to happen at all.

Now it’s about making things happen. Rawr. 😉

Jan 2005? Host of Lotus Quotes at CKMS Radio, 100.3 FM, University of Waterloo
Feb 2005 – First Open Mic at the Boathouse – did spoken word.
March 2005 – added instrumentation at next open mic, acoustic guitar with spoken word
April 2005 – met Kat Van Lam on stage for Open Mic, while she jumped in to play on the fly
May 2005 – linked up with bassist, Jason Lippert, along with Kat to form the Languid Lotus Project
Summer 2005- 2006 – performed various festivals, including Hillside – mostly spoken word, djembe, bass, organized and hosted local events for up and comers to perform at, including children’s concerts
Nov 2006 – won the Matt Osborne Award for Emerging Artists – studio time and cash, along with 5 other various awards at the CKMS Sonic Boom Awards in Waterloo.
Dec 2006 – bought a keyboard, started singing, yeah, just like that.
Most of 2007 – performed and recorded the first album, in bloom, by the Languid Lotus Project, including the talents of over 19 local artists, won Best Palindrome Recording at the CKMS Sonic Boom Awards in Waterloo.
Oct 2007 – ‘in bloom’ was released
Nov 2007 – learned Acid Pro 7 and began to work with loops, writing tracks (yup, Acid Pro 7, sue me!)
2008 – performed more in KW, Toronto, at bigger venues, promoting new electronic sound, toured and performed in Buffalo, New York City, Boston, Salem, released second album, Menage in June, started 3rd Multimedia Release – the Diary of A Suburban Diva, produced own first track – Blinding Epiphany.
2009 – painted a visual art display, wrote a book, performed regularly with an iPod across North America (I know, funny, eh?), Multimedia Release was May 2nd with visual displays at the Groove Kitchen, in Cambridge, and the Artbar, Center in the Square, Kitchener, again, played in NYC and Boston.
2010 – continued to perform on a regular basis in the GTA, began 4th album, XXX, released October 10, 2010, nominated for 2 Toronto Independent Music Awards, Best Female Fronted and Best Song – go figure, Blinding Epiphany, met current partner and co-producer, Mason Bach, started school in Media Communications, decided to scrap Acid Pro and come over to the brighter side and learn Ableton Live, made the cover of Echo Weekly magazine and XXX made #5 out of 10 in Best Albums of 2010 in Indie Seen.
2011 – established on Beatport, Traxsource, Juno Download, iTunes, organized and orchestrated remix contest, started DJ-ing and am pursuing it, graduated from Media Communications, started Public Relations, started on Social Media Management Company, had track ‘Incandescence’ – Rhythmlab Project feat. Beauty & the Breakdown be used for a runway set at Ottawa Fashion Week by designer, DeMoyo, continuing to learn Ableton and producing techno, tech house and minimal, dappling in remixes in other genres, looking forward to at least 4 more releases before year’s end.

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  1. Heyyyyy! I’m so proud to be a part of your musical/artistic history! here’s to the Languid Lotus Project & you going your own way, finding your true path! also to red wine & paint & glitter!

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