Very excited about an upcoming release on Sudbeat with the gracious producer, Navid Mehr. Here is the video for the track, Gathas. The full EP will be available Jan 12th on Beatport.

2014 – A Year In The Life Of Amber Long and Robert Mason

As the year comes to a close, I should be none the different than to be introspective over the past 365 days that have gone by. Throughout this whole time, my partner in crime, Robert Mason (or Mason Bach depending on the mood) has been by my side. At times, I’m sure he thinks I’m…

Editing Samples – Music Videos and Live Events

Here is a collection of video clip samples of projects I have edited, below are further details. Track ID- Kastis Torrau – Menace (Instrumental Mix) Available exclusively @ Beatport: Clips taken from: Kastis Torrau feat. Amber Long – Menace (Teaser Video) Shot by Amber Long and Samantha Hrominchuk Kassey Voorn – Chords From The…

73,000 views in 4 months!

Kastis Torrau feat. Amber Long – Menace (Original Mix) came out in May and in the past 4 months, even a non-related site’s video has hit 73,000 views! It’s everywhere online! The preview on Soundcloud has reached over 41k plays as well. I’m a bit mind blown actually. How does one top a topper?