Life won’t let you down if you constantly try to pump it up

When I got home from a work trip, I learned my contract was put ‘on hold’ at my ‘dream job’. Devastated, I had to rebuild from scratch.

Budgets, cutbacks, etc. Freelancers were first to be let go. I literally wanted to stay there forever. On the flip side, I know everything happens for a reason and I was set free with more experience than I ever dreamed I’d have, with incredible references.

Before I left for vacation, I put in my first shift as a freelancer for a kids entertainment company and this week officially ushers in a new grind. I have oodles of new clients and contracts as a freelance writer and media producer.

This is how unpredictable and fun life is.

I was so sad to have been put ‘on hold’.

But once I wrapped my head around it, I realized I was free, Free to run the label, travel, focus on music, playing live and still continue to work in the entertainment industry at my own pace.

Luckily, I live in a Field of Dreams here in Toronto where anything is possible if you put your mind to it, not to mention I have amazing friends who are always out to help when times get tumultuous.

Take it from me, you’re always going to be ok.

No matter what you go through, you’ll be ok. Life won’t let you down if you keep trying to pump it up. It’s ok to feel sad when things change unexpectedly but for real, I promise, it is just setting you up for something greater.

Upwards and onward, always!

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