Screw Doing What You’re “Supposed” To!

“What is your definition of #success?” a friend asked me today.

This being 40 thing has me all over the map as far as what I am actually doing vs. having it ingrained in me that I am “supposed” to be adulting – whatever that means.

I had to dissect her question because my answer is and has always been the same, HAPPINESS = SUCCESS.

You see, I think my generation is stuck in that place between where our parents did what they were “supposed” to and then we come along in this time where we are told we can do whatever we want and our dreams can be a reality. My parents never had that. It was always about playing it safe. I told my mom at 17 I would be a journalist and she told me being a nurse would be a safer bet…

Now, I am a mom myself and I feel really good knowing that my kids’ generation has that “I can do anything!” spirit ingrained in them, instead of the teeter-totter “woulda, shoulda, coulda but I don’t wanna” thing my generation has going on. The insecurities of the generation before me still play over and over in the back of my mind and makes me question every move I make.

But I’m still here!

And not because I followed rules or played it safe. And I’m that new kind of 40 that may not look like we have it together but we are rich with experience, passion and a drive – not out of obligation, but desire.

So to answer my friend, “What is your definition of success?” I came to the conclusion that realizing and reminding yourself you are exactly where you are “supposed” to be in life, as long as you’re happy, and that success is not a number in a bank account, nor in the collection of material things, but rather this internal confidence that you’re building the best life you know how, with the tools you have at your disposal.

If you’re in the same place as me, where sometimes as an artist you’re like, “What the actual eff??” and question what you are doing in life, think about this… Maybe you ARE doing what you are “supposed” to be doing because artists aren’t made, they are born.

I’m cheering for us all!!

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