Men, are you desperate?

So… this article was one I had reservations writing. I had to really get out of my head and preconceived notions about desperation and men and women and our whole sordid dating dance we do.

I really think the points could ring true for both sexes but this one, the Editor wanted directed at men. In a way, it was like reviewing past relationships to see if it was me or the guy who screamed desperation.

Anyway, turns out it was a top-read article on The Clever recently and has tons of shares.

Makes me wonder, why are we all drinking so much Haterade that articles like this go viral?

20 Things Men Do That Scream Desperation… Hmmm, I hope whoever read it got some good advice and the ladies who read it, took it at face value.

My #1 tip for dating, when you’re happy, solid and secure with yourself, you’ll attract the right people to your life.

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