Don’t Let Anyone Tell You You’re Not Enough

Last night I woke up from a dream.

My overactive brain plays tricks on me to get me to think and last night was no different. In this dream, various people I know pointed out my shortcomings to my face. Like all the negative lines I’ve heard in life came out in one dramatic screenplay. But the character that rose from the roasting was a more powerful version of myself, like every story needs a hero, right?

I took it all with such grace, I know it’s not real life me cuz I’m not that chill yet. And then when it was over, calm me said, “Right, ok, and who the f*ck are you?” and walked away.

At first, I thought, wow Amber you’re angry! when I woke up. But then I realized I already had filtered all those negative lines in life and what was left was indifference. Not anger, not bitchiness, just nothing. They stung in my dream but there was no reaction. And nothing – or no reaction – is worse than love or hate.

So for any of you who have a record in your head on repeat of nasty things you’ve heard or people have said to you, just know that you’re enough. Live your life and make your choices and in the end, look around you and see who’s there. Probably the people who love you most and also know you’re enough.

My friend Lula says, “Hurt people hurt people.”

Remember that next time someone says anything to try and shake your foundation. My dream showed me my insecurities as much as my strengths and although I’m glad this particular dream ended, I’m happy to have to reminder of being enough.

My subconscious told me so.

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