Do you want to be a Social Media Maven?

“There are tried, tested and true ways of making your online presence pop, with very little effort. And once you get into the routine, there will be no stopping your powerful posts, eclectic information sharing and captivating communication skills.”

I’ve always been one to divulge a lot. Like secrets, tips, things that have worked for me and give advice freely on things I am thousands in debt for in education.

Once, right after sharing a plethora of information, I was laid off, almost within minutes of collecting all the files, folders and information.

At first, I regretted sharing my expertise to liberally, now that I was out of a job. Then I decided, that if it was so well received elsewhere, it may be well received everywhere.

So I locked on with The Clever and wrote this article about 15 Ways to Make Your Social Media Pop.

Ultimately the thing you ahve to remember about social media is that you can read all the tips you want but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and people want to FEEL something, it’s only the person posting that can give the feels, no matter what tips are employed.

Happy posting!!


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