A Shooting Star Over Baghdad – published!

In the Know Traveler opted to publish my piece about flying over Baghdad and seeing a shooting star. It was an incredible experience and I’m honoured they picked it up and published it.

Quote: “Tonight’s flight to Doha is a bit different than last night’s flight to Istanbul from Toronto. Nine out of ten passengers are men over the age of 50 and I’m one of five women. There is a lot of snoring happening compared to this morning’s cries of small children. The flight route from Istanbul to Doha is right over Baghdad and Kuwait – the Eastern side, over Iraq and Iran. Despite being an avid traveler, this thought gives me uneasy butterflies in my stomach. My whole life, I’ve been taught to be afraid of exactly where I am, right now.”

Want to keep reading?

Here is the link: http://intheknowtraveler.com/a-shooting-star-over-baghdad/

Photo by Navid Mehr

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