Smash the glass ceiling

Public Relations is a field dominated by women but the men make more money – they call this the ‘glass ceiling’. When I heard about it, I knew that typically men make more money but somehow wondered, “Are they teaching all these women this so they don’t question their pay? That they accept the ‘glass ceiling’?”

Modern woman that I am, I decided my skills would decide, not my gender, so I kept learning, volunteering, working in every creative endeavor I could… Feels like I never took a break. Some endeavors were wise, others not so much but nothing was a waste of time. I took that glass ceiling they told me about and smashed the shit out of it.

We are in charge of where we find ourselves in life. Some are ok with a ceiling, glass or otherwise, but some are not. Some want open and clear access to what they’re aiming for. The moon, the stars, great heights… With passion you become unstoppable. It’s up to you if you’re ok being contained or not.

I, for one, cannot be contained.

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