Atlantis / Morning Glory EP sales go to Sri Lankan Flood Relief


Dubai-based producer Subandrio has been taking us all by storm with one heavy-hitting release after another. This time he teams up with Modern Agenda’s own Amber Long who adds her vocal touch to his work.

The Atlantis / Morning Glory EP is a reflection of the yin and yang of life, expressed through music across the oceans.

Excited to see Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Atlantis / Morning Glory on Modern Agenda hit the Top 100 Progressive House Releases this week, now at #58, It got a lovely New Release Feature from the fine folks at Beatport and Atlantis was included on This Week’s Must Hear Progressive House.

Although we love seeing it be on the chart and gain attention on Beatport, it’s on Bandcamp so if anyone wanted to donate directly to Subandrio in his efforts towards Sri Lankan Flood Relief, they can by buying his music.

We are one earth, one people and are all connected.
We need to help each other.

Modern Agenda

released May 16, 2016

Produced by Subandrio

Vocals written and performed by Amber Long

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