Subandrio ft. Amber Long – Atlantis / Morning Glory EP

Sometimes when you connect creatively with another artist, you have to go all out and make an EP. So Subandrio and I did just that and made Atlantis and Morning Glory and I’m honoured we signed it to Modern Agenda. I own my own vocals for the first time for a collab. Thank you, my brother, for this gift.

The lyrics to Atlantis were written in the botanical gardens in Buenos Aires where its melancholy was not lost in the greenery but rather seeded and transplanted when Subandrio got his hands on the vocals. Atlantis is about closing doors and leaving things a million miles away. At times you feel like you’re drowning.

Morning Glory was written with casual encounters in mind. How you can spend your whole life wandering and meeting people but with some, it’s just magical. The telepathy, ESP and energy exchange is too real to ignore. When that happens, you have to open your ‘big, bright eyes’.

Support has already been shown by Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Hazendonk, Lonya, Dale Middleton, Tim Penner, Oovation, Ian Dillon, the whole crew at Saturo Sounds and State_4 Radio, 93.3FM.

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