April 27 – A good day

I gave up a second interview for flight attendant and chose to do a more corporate-based contract job in audio-visual. I took the chance.

The one contract proposal I wrote landed me another. Then I was called in and offered a 3 month contract (with mention of full-time afterwards) and given a massive office.

Just when I thought my wings were clipped by going back to work full time, they buy me a plane ticket to go wrap up a job in Ottawa and I get to have dinner with dear friends I haven’t seen in way too long. ✈️

This is my first week and I’m loving it. I started school with a vision in 2010, an end result. And it actually happened. And whether this lasts 3 months or 3 years, it showed me anything is possible if you have a goal, know your worth and haul ass. There’s no better feeling than proving something to yourself

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