1st Plan Productions Steps Into Spring Helping Others Fund Their Dreams


Toronto, ON, April 18, 2016 – It’s hard nowadays for artists and small businesses or even individuals with unique project ideas to see their plans through simply due to financial need. Toronto-based grant writing company, 1st Plan Productions is stepping into springtime ready to help people realize their dreams.

Grants can often seem mythical, something that happened to ‘a friend of a friend’. Many a small business fails before it can succeed because it simply runs out of money or can’t make it fast enough. Artists miss performances for valuable, career-changing events, all because there is no budget available. How many plays haven’t been written because the playwrights are working a minimum wage job to survive and have no time to write? This is where 1st Plan Productions can help. By having qualified consultants on hand, they work hand in hand with individuals towards achieving their dreams.

“It can be intimidating to look online and see everything that has to be done to get a grant application written. Or even where to apply. We try and take the pressure off by offering support where support is needed and encouragement where encouragement is due.” – Dwayne Williams, CEO 1st Plan Productions

At 1st Plan Productions, a knowledgeable team is available to guide individuals through the grant writing process, setting them up for success, and with the tools to succeed further. Throughout the next couple months, 1st Plan Productions is running a campaign to encourage all those who may benefit from receiving a grant by offering discounts, running an online social media contest, educate and inform about different programs as well as being on hand to answer questions anyone may have.

The cash is there for the taking; sometimes it takes a team to make a project grow.


Contact: info@1stplan.ca   Telephone: 416-823-7238   Website: www.1stplan.ca

Facebook: www.facebook.com/1st-Plan-575378489256687 


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