All-Canadian Exclusive Mix – State_4 Radio 93.3FM

I was asked to make a mix for a local FM station and decided to make a mix including Canadian elements in each track. There are many talented electronic music producers in Canada, and vocalists too! I felt a lot of pride putting this together seeing how we work hand in hand with so many others in the world.

Kasall & Cristian R feat. Amber Long – My Soul (Dustin Nantais Remix)
Robert Mason ft. Yvonne Jarsch – Fractura (Original Mix)
Amber Long, Robert Mason, Decker//– – Apologies (Original Mix)
Lonya & Mike Grieco – Acid Culture (Tim Penner Remix)
Aerodroemme & OPL – Skeptic (Original Mix)
Tim Penner ft. Amber Long – Everything To Everyone (Original Mix)
Mike Grieco ft. Amber Long – Sofia (Guy_Mantzur_Secret_Mix)
Robert Mason & Amber Long – Aquatica [Navid Mehr Remix]


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