Masterpiece2.0 v1 (WIP)

In conversation with a friend yesterday, I was surprised at how different our perceptions could be. My friend felt like they were falling behind, like they were watching their competitors pass them by on all sides. The arrow just isn’t hitting the bullseye right now and my friend entertained the self inflicted blame game.

The fact is, my friend runs a hugely successful and ever-growing company that rose from the ashes to almost at times unmanageable proportions. I’ve watched my friend succeed and make ‘it’ happen. From the sidelines, it’s all magic to me. My friend is my ‘go-to’ for business advice and has never led me astray.

Even the people we look up to most have moments of doubt. They can’t see the forest through the trees as to how awesome they are. But every time you find yourself in an uncomfortable spot in life where you’re not satisfied with what is, it’s a time where you can make a big change. You have nothing to lose because what once worked, no longer works. If it was working, you wouldn’t feel less than how wonderful you are.

Sometimes it’s a low day, maybe a low week or month. Maybe it’s been the best day or the best time in life ever… It’s all going to change, day by day and the roller coaster of life will keep thrilling us.

No one is falling behind, we are all just blazing our trails through different jungles. No one is of less value than another because each of us has our own superpower strengths and gifts. No one is replaceable because even if you can replace the work someone does, you can’t replace the feeling they added to the environment.

We must realize we are a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. Our accomplishments, brains and braun make us treasures as we work towards becoming shinier versions of ourselves each day. And when human nature wants you to tear yourself down, remember you’re also likely someone’s hero so is any self deprecation really warranted and valid?

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