Becoming Informal – Argentina, January 2016

January 1, 2016 Canadians Amber Long, Robert Mason and Tim Penner meet up with Alejandro Manso from Mexico, landing and uniting in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
They set up camp for almost a month in order to experience how it really is to live in Argentina, not knowing what to expect. A small tour of gigs being the initial motivating factor for the trip, the 4 went about daily life, trying to become normal in a very different world.

This is Amber Long and Robert Mason’s rendition of the story, created with iPhone video clips from the adventure, as it unfolded. Not every day was easy and the adventure presented its challenges.
But in the end, everyone made it out alive and better, more intelligent, worldy people because of it.
In the end, everyone fell in love with Argentina.

This is the story of musicians following a dream.
This is the story of Becoming Informal.

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