Sofia goes to Bedrock Records!

It is a huge honour that John Digweed has supported tracks with my vocals. It’s such a big deal to any underground artist, after all, it’s Digweed!

A few years ago, Forgive Me made its debut on Transitions and 2015 brought Good Time and Guy Mantzur‘s Secret Mix of Sofia. Today I found out he is putting out the live show he played in Montreal on October 25,2015 at which he rocked Stereo for 11 hours. He played Sofia! And now it will be out on Bedrock Records in his live mix out in February.

When Mike Griego asked me to sing for Sofia in the beginning, I had no idea she would rise so high. But the story of Sofia is greater than us all and it’s so special that someone like Digweed can feel it and helps her live on through all of us. This truly is beautiful.

Guy, Mike, so much respect to you both. Thank you for including me in this journey. Paul, love you forever. And Mr Digweed, you gave me the greatest reason to smile today. Thank you!


You can grab it here:

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