Hate will not solve hate

In light of the horrific events happening in the world, it’s important to keep LOVE at the forefront of our minds. You cannot solve hate with more hate. Innocent people all over the world are being hurt by racism, prejudice, and intolerance and the bombs going off are in society, not just literally in cities. Hate will not solve hate. This isn’t the way. It’s happening everywhere! People cry and wail incessantly because of the war that goes on just by living. Extend LOVE to your fellow man. Often we are all running from the same thing. The good people in this world still outweigh the bad, I really try and convince myself. I pray for you, World. I pray for you because I love you and am blessed to be alive. I pray for the innocents and the good souls trying to make sense of it all. It feels like so much has gone silent as we all get lost in thoughts and prayers today. The world is a spinning, fiery anger ball and it becomes more and more obvious every day.

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