EDMTOR – ALBUMS: Amber Long & Robert Mason as ALRM Release “The Time is Now” for FREE

‘The Time is Now’ is a 10-track album filled with multi-dimensional synthesizers and an emotional rise and fall through the varying degrees of its artist’s creativity. There are moments filled with an atmospheric blur exuding depth and others that are highly energetic and driven.

‘The Time is Now’ represents the flow of an album, each song leading you deeper into the next and yet standing brilliantly alone. It’s obvious that Amber and Robert have dedicated immense attention and passion into this project, but they’re giving it away to you for FREE!” – Kayla LePage

Read more: http://edmtor.com/2015/11/albums-amber-long-robert-mason-as-alrm-release-the-time-is-now-for-free/

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