Toronto Duo Amber Long and Robert Mason Release New Album Worldwide for FREE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                            

Amber Long and Robert Mason Release New Album ‘ALRM – The Time Is Now’ as Free Download

Toronto, ON, November 11, 2015 — Over the last year, Toronto based duo, Amber Long and Robert Mason, aka ALRM, have combined strikingly original music with euphoric live performances in North America and internationally and have quickly become recognized as an experimental and captivating pair.

Canadian musicians Long and Mason proudly announce the release of their brand new electronic music album ALRM – ‘The Time Is Now’. The album will be available exclusively on Bandcamp November 11 and then on all major music outlets by the end of 2015.

Working together since 2010, Long and Mason share a mirrored passion to keep emotion alive in music. This is the foundation of their work, with each of them bringing their own unique fortes to the table. The two meld together amongst the decibels creating ‘The Time Is Now’.

“We’re so pleased to give music lovers the chance to enjoy the tracks we’ve spent this past year making,” says Mason. “These tracks and recordings are like our musical manifesto — all that matters and what inspires us, fueled by youthful energy, hope and blind ambition.”

Another unique thing ALRM is doing for ‘The Time Is Now’ is that they are releasing it independently and giving away the entire album for free.

“The reason we are releasing our album independently is to own all the rights to the tracks,” says Long. “In keeping up with changes in the music industry, we’ve realized ownership is a form of collateral. We’re offering it for free not because we don’t value our work, but to give equal opportunity for people around the world, no matter the size of their bank account, access to the best quality audio files available. The time is now, more than ever, for artists to start thinking outside the box”

‘The Time Is Now’ will be available worldwide November 11, 2015.

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Photo by Elevated Moments Photography

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