Promos are out for ALRM – The Time Is Now

Over the last year, Toronto based duo, Amber Long and Robert Mason, aka ALRM, have combined strikingly original music with euphoric live performances in North America and internationally and have quickly become recognized as an experimental and captivating pair. Created as a musical manifesto to all that matters to them, ALRM has welcomed the freedom to produce unbridled music without boundaries for their new album ‘The Time Is Now‘. The exact date and details as to how the album is coming out is being withheld but its impending release is slotted soon with the uniqueness you’ve come to expect from Amber Long and Robert Mason.

Here are five tracks to give you a taste.

The Time Is Now is the title track. This piece was made on an island in Greece after a whirlwind trip to Tel Aviv and a memorable beach party, while watching the most glorious sunrise. It was apparent at that moment that ‘the time is now’ to express freely and creatively, to think outside the box. This set the stage for the entire album. The Time Is Now was finished in the Toronto studio but the warm sea vibe still permeates all 12 minutes.

And It Goes arrived in Amber’s inbox after a 17 hour flight to Doha, Qatar from Toronto. Being the first time Amber and Robert had been apart in a long time, and being so far away, Robert spent the time Amber was flying making her a track with his own vocals. Upon arriving to her destination, there it was. Now it’s released for the world to hear.

Painted Lines is a beautiful ambient track Robert made live in the studio. The warmth of the instruments compliments the progression of the piece. Created from a place of contentment and liberation, Painted Lines has something special to offer off the dance floor through its introspective and sound.

Sometimes It Rains is a reflective melancholic piece about down days. In life, things either work for you or they don’t and the key is to make your choices when the sun is out and roll with the thunder when it storms.

My Surrender is a slower, melodic, vocal-laden track made with a particular story in mind about a long distance love affair between a ship’s captain and his far away fiancé. Distance never defines the depth of desire and when love takes hold, it’s best to raise the white flag.



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