Wiggly Events and House of Dust invite you to MEOW & PURR at ANIMAL TRAINER: It’s a Jungle Out There!


Calling all Kitties, Lions and Hunters: Come play, drink and mate by our shimmering river of beautiful underground dance music. For one night, we’re all gonna embark on a mission into the heart of a majical forest, there in the jungle we will meet all kinds of kitties, cheetas, lions, hunters and rare animals yet to be classified by science…


Looking for and need your help with:
> Performers, Hoopers, Dancers
> Blacklight face & body painters & models (all kinds)
> Decor & setup crew
> Hosts & greeters

Signup here>


We’re music people. We play. We have friends that play and are insanely good. They’re coming to play for you. The music will be off the hook. Bring your dancing shoes… we’ve got 2 rooms blasting off for the entire night!! thank me later!!

Greg Gow //
Greg is a friend and we lovehis music, if you were on House of Dust Kajama party this summer you know what to expect. Greg’s is a regular in the undetground circle sof detroit, electric island, coda and cz. YARRRR!!!

Amber Long //
Amber is super awesome wonder female DJ and her music is insanely good!! She’s an amazing producer playing live all over the world, but tonight, she’s ours!! MEOWSSSSS!!!

Captain Wiggle himself in the flesh! Takin puts together some of the best events in town like Playground, Wiggly Warehouse and the amazing Wiggly Nuit Blanch party and he plays the most beautiful tunes you could dance to! PURRRRR!!!

JD Mack
JD Mack puts a dancefloor in a constant bounce from the very first beat. He’s clearly the LION in the room, and he’s got the hair color and personality to match! ROAARRRRRR!!!

Just beautiful bassy and liquid tunes from this shining soul, he sometimes throws in a bit of deeper tech and you just can’t get away until the very end we’re so happy to have him YARRRR!!!

K-DUST drops super deep underground warehouse tracks that puts you in a different state of conciousness… MEOWZZAAAA!!!

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