Creativity is intelligence having fun


With the ever evolving landscape of the music industry nowadays, it’s easy to get vehemently sidetracked by the ‘change of the week’ or perceived shark business maneuver du mois. Let’s not be naive, signs have been pointing towards big shifts for awhile, we just didn’t know they could/would be so abrupt.

It’s important to stay educated about what’s happening in our industry, yes, that’s part of being a good business person. But it’s also important not to be distracted by the negatives so it blocks our ability to tap in and create with pure intent. That’s part of being an artist.

If every trickle of money dried up, would you still make music? Would you still want to play? I would. What else would you do? I have no idea what I’d do.

It’s imperative more than ever to think outside the box, to make what’s truly in our hearts and souls.

Making music isn’t about templates and a factory line conveyer belt of plug ins that worked ‘for the last one’… Well, maybe for some but there’s no fun in being a proverbial IKEA print when you could be a Van Gogh. Maybe it’s time to pull out the creative stops and ignore the rules? Just dowhachuwant.

When everything is uncertain, there’s nothing to lose, right? It’s the time to be aware of what’s going on, take chances, flirt with the unknown, trust our guts and be innovative with our craft.

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