Blessed in The Old City


As soon as we landed in Tel Aviv, Lonya Leonid Kovaland Igor Ilgiyaev picked us up, took us out for the best hummus ever and then brought us to Jerusalem to give thanks for our health and blessings. It was a very powerful, spiritual experience. I’ll post the pics tonight but they don’t do it justice. Religious or not, we all share this world we live in and if I learned one thing today it’s that love is the answer… Love and gratitude. The world will be a better place if we all love a little more and show our appreciation for what we have on a daily basis.

We were blessed – literally in all ways.

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  1. Love this… I recently blogged about my experience in Israel… Was emotional. A wandering memory

  2. James Scott says:

    Awesome post, would
    Love to visit

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