A picture says 1000 words


A picture says a thousand words.

From being very active to grinding almost to a halt, I found myself in a place where I was forced to slow down and take care of my health. It was in these moments that we made our choices to come to Greece, we started planning Tel Aviv with Lonya, going to Jerusalem became imperative, and instead of standing still in a stressful time, we pushed forward, planning a better future.

Our friends were there every step of the way, helping any way they could. From bringing dinners, to loving texts, to finding us an apartment and gigs… And now we are living it and living it large because when things go dark, you have to see the light because there is always light if you look. 

This picture showed me last night that this adventure is bringing us back to life again. Back to a healthy place of not only physical activity but also emotional and spiritual activity. 

I woke up this morning after travelling through 3 countries yesterday, none of which were my own, with this sense of gratitude and fulfillment. There have been so many emotions over the last couple weeks as we ingest, process and try to understand all we are living but the greatest of these for me was seeing this year’s activity as a visual depiction that indeed, I’m coming back to life.

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