New Video Production – Christian Bachmann ft. Fabio Russo – How It Is To Be Free


How It Is To Be Free features the vocals Fabio Russo and is the first single from Christian Bachmann’s forthcoming debut album ‘Premium’ which is due for release on Manual in June, an LP that contains 100% analog sounds and synths.Manual Music, owned by Dutch Producer, Paul Hazendonk is known to be a boutique-y type label, a go-to place for eclectic tracks and How It Feel To Be Free is no exception to the rule.

From the first note, we catch a sense of longing but are not sure where we are about to be taken. Bubbly synths give an uplifting feel to the track until Fabio’s inquiring vocals ease through adding melancholy to the melody, asking if anyone knows how it is to be free and asking where the door to freedom is. For those who love vocals and lyrics, the profound meaning in the perfectly moody timed lines sets the stage for the orchestral procession to follow.

Full Review of track that I wrote:

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