How to Survive Miami Winter Music Conference on a Budget

miami sunset

Miami Winter Music Conference is an annual event in its 30th year for 2015. If you’re from North America, right after the mad rush of posts about BPM in Playa del Carmen, you get WMC.

Miami is a southern, sea-side US city in the state of Florida made up of blue green beaches, beautiful people, glamour, glitter. It never seems to sleep but it had a quieter pace than say, New York City, Boston or Chicago.


Established in 1985, WMC is the one of the largest longstanding dance music industry gathering of its kind in the world. Over 1,900 artists and DJs participated in 390+ performance events presented at 110 venues during the 29th Annual WMC Week in Miami Beach & Miami last year and this year proved to be none the exception in the realm of exciting. We hadn’t really planned to go to Miami this year but as luck would have it, plans changed and here we were, searching for cheap plane tickets and a place to stay.

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