A behind the scenes look at ADE with Decoded Magazine

“We captured over 30 video interviews from a range of artists including Drumcomplex and Roal Salemink at a busy bar, Matt Sassari and Da Fresh ahead of a massive gig, and a host of friends old and new telling us their ADE stories and experiences. Most of the interviews occurred naturally, we were in the right place at the right time. Others we couldn’t have done without the help of our camera crews’ intrepid guide Lars Roos and my friend and ClubNL promoter Juuriaan Pijpers. Their local knowledge and impressive contacts ensured Decoded Magazines’ first ADE was a memorable experience. Our film crew consisted of Manual music artists and professional film makers Amber Long and Robert Mason. Over the week we formed a close bond, and I can genuinely say they are two of the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure of meeting and calling friend.”


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