Living the Dream – The Story of ANRI – The Trailer

An underage ANRI finds herself in Tokyo at her first Underground Electronic Music experience, changing her path in life forever. Young, inspired and ready to take on the world, ANRI learns to DJ and starts formulating her dream.

She first moves to Tokyo and establishes herself in the underground music scene as a DJ. Not satisfied with this, she then learns English and moves to Melbourne Australia, putting herself through school for Sound Design at the Electronic Music Academy.

ANRI though, this whole time, has been keeping her sights set her ultimate goal, moving to Berlin, Germany where the electronic music scene is thriving.

With a current, hard earned, flourishing music career backed by some of the biggest names today’s industry, and now, a new flat in Berlin, we catch up with ANRI at Amsterdam Dance Event where she takes us through her story of how she’s now ‘living the dream’, rounding things out with an insider’s view of her set at the Tom Hades Rhythm Coverted Meet and Greet as well as her showcase set for Cameleon Records at ClubUp for ADE 2014.

TRACK ID: ANRI – Voices (Dub Mix)


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