Editing Samples – Music Videos and Live Events

Here is a collection of video clip samples of projects I have edited, below are further details.

Track ID- Kastis Torrau – Menace (Instrumental Mix)
Available exclusively @ Beatport: beatport.com/release/menace-instrumentals-ep/1343490

Clips taken from:
Kastis Torrau feat. Amber Long – Menace (Teaser Video)
Shot by Amber Long and Samantha Hrominchuk
Kassey Voorn – Chords From The Heart (Official Video)
Shot by Amber Long
Canada Philippine Fashion Week 2014 Day 3 Intro
Shot by Kol TV Crew, Ivan Lapis and Amber Long
Canada Philippine Fashion Week Runway Clip
Shot by Kol TV Crew, Amber Long – Production Assistant
Hernan Cattaneo, RYZE Toronto, February 8, 2014
Shot by Amber Long
Daniel Portman, Stirling Room, November 16, 2013
Shot by Amber Long

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