If You Fall In Love With An Artist

If you fall in love with an Artist, there are some things you should know:

First, most Artists are not rich so if you are looking for riches, honey, bark up another tree. When (and if) the riches come, think about it, as if they’d want your superficial ass anyway. If you’re adverse to thinking of rice with hot sauce as a delicacy, move on.

Second, most Artists are happy, despite not being financially secure at all times. Likely because they are internally secure with themselves. There are some things money can’t buy and feeling like a million bucks is worth its own weight in gold.

Third, an Artist is self-employed and they themselves ARE their company. There will be times, likely many, where you will take the back burner to ‘the business’ so it’s highly suggested you have something you give a sh*t about too, in your life. Artists can fall off the map for hours and days at a time, doesn’t mean they’re boning the neighbour.

Fourth, if you expect conventionalism, again, perhaps date someone with a 9-5 job? That is where you are more likely to find your white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog. With an Artist you will likely be around gear you may never understand, paintings you don’t like and you will need to be agile in your opinions about the ‘way things are’ since an Artist’s reality changes immensely even in 6 months.

Fifth, the world will look at your Artist. They may even lust after your Artist. Get used to it, it’s ok, be proud that they are someone worth taking notice of. And go figure, they want to be with you! (See #3, just because a honey is bouncing in the booth, doesn’t mean she is worth gambling the awesomeness they have with you, right??)

Sixth, Artists are emotional. They feel a lot. They are in tune with their surroundings and insides. This comes with highs and lows and everything in between. It is what it is. One cannot bare their soul to the world, nakedly, and not carry it personally. Have a stack of tissues handy and make sure their blood sugar doesn’t get low.

Seven, do me a favor? Do not ask your Artist when they are going to get ‘a real job’. It’s similar to asking a stay-at-home mom the same question and it devalues everything the Artist believes in. Art is not going anywhere and when all the rich CEOs in the world want to unwind, what do they want? Art. Music. Fine food. You see where I’m going with this?

Lastly, Artists are weird. They are often social oddities with a pile of awkwardness thrown in. When so much time is spent creating things from an abstract, internal world and then to bring it to fruition in ‘the real world’, it’s hard to toggle between reality and fantasy because most of an Artist’s life is based on making their fantasies a reality. Complicated, I know.

Maybe my list is wrong for you or maybe you disagree but my opinions are solely based on personal experience, being an Artist, and dating an Artist. I get sick of the stereotypes and lack of respect because I know how hard we work, as Artists, and it is so easy for people who are do not put themselves on display, those who ‘play it safe’, to have a whole pile of opinions. I never listen to those people because being an Artist is a brave, brave thing to be and I’m pretty damn proud of.

© Amber Long, 2014

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