We Are True Inventors

Disclaimer: This assignment was prepared for the Broadcasting and Film Program at Centennial College. It is not intended to represent the views of the College, B and F Program or faculty.


Technology is something I never really understood, growing up.

My father played acoustic guitar.

He would set the VCR to record our favorite shows.

We had a cassette player in our car, long after CDs were the norm, and well, I think he still sets the alarm clock for my mother, 4 decades later.

I grew up in a very analog world.

Now, my world is digital.


I describe analog and digital as warm and cool colours.

Analog is warm.

Digital is cool.

Debates flare over which is better.

In the world we live in, it’s glaringly obvious that we need both.

It takes all colours to make a rainbow and we now have everything at our disposal, allowing us to paint the picture our minds envision.


It’s a game, an illustrious game…

A choose your own adventure story.

There are no rules, only imagination and tools.


We are true inventors.

We can tap into our resources and create tangible matter.

But, first, we must tap into our creativity, the intangible, one thing that cannot be duplicated, only replicated, or imitated.

One’s own imagination is an unseen matrix.


Technology will advance.

We must embrace this.

But let’s also take comfort in knowing that even though the world is filled with tools, WE cannot be duplicated.

Our creative thoughts cannot be predicted through a computer program because inspiration is based on experience, our own analog life experiences and we chose what filter we put on them.

We are true inventors, using proverbial add-ons and plug-ins in life, compressing, equalizing, and even distorting it to bring out every shade.

In time, the tools will change, standards will shift but there is one thing that will remain the same.

Learn as you will, make use of every gadget there is, but there is nothing more powerful than the human soul on fire.

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