Assignment 2 – One Minute Screenplay – Fiction

Disclaimer: This assignment was prepared for the Broadcasting and Film Program at Centennial College. It is not intended to represent the views of the College, B&F Program or faculty.

Tone Sharks
Amber Long


Head Producer, Charles Shark, opens the glass door to Shark Studios for young Molly Hills. Arriving early, without her Agent, Molly is visibly nervous. Charles leads her into the MAIN STUDIO, filled with buttons, knobs, speakers and cables. He takes her coat and sits her down in front of a beautiful, vintage NEUMANN microphone. Molly stares wide-eyed at her surroundings and at the mic in front of her.

This place is incredible, Mr. Shark.
We have nothing like this back home.
I would like to wait for my Agent though,
he advised not to sing a note until he was present.

It’s nice to have you here Molly.
I just got a text from your Agent and he said he was on the way.
Why don’t we get started to save time?

I really don’t feel comfortable with this.
What if you hide behind that glass and press record?
I’ve read about things like this happening and
then girls lose the rights to their own lyrics and voice.

Your Agent and I have been friends for years.
See that picture of him and I and Elton John, from ’89?
(points to framed photograph on the wall)
And besides, if we are going to work together, you need to trust me.
I’m going to go behind that glass to ‘play with the buttons’.
(makes “apostrophe” motions with his fingers)
When I count to 4, you have your choice to make.

Charles leaves a thoughtful Molly to enter the Control Room of the studio.
He looks through the glass at her squirming. As he puts his feet up on the desk, she puts on headphones. He speaks through the intercom.

One… two… three… FOUR

The RED RECORD BUTTON starts flashing as Molly starts singing. Charles smiles menacingly behind the mirrored glass as the air fills with the angelic tones of Molly’s voice.

-end scene-

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