Life Handed Back By Lemonade – Example of Feature Article

Disclaimer: This assignment was prepared for the Public Relations Program at Conestoga College. It is not intended to represent the views of the College, PR program or faculty.

Life Handed Back By Lemonade

There is a saying, ‘When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.’ This saying rings true in even harder times, it seems, for young Lucy Herdle.

Diagnosed with cancer, days before her first birthday, Lucy’s determination and strong will helped put her cancer into remission, as well as establish a well-known charity. By setting up a simple lemonade stand, Lucy Herdle started a movement which has helped raise over $5 million dollars towards pediatric cancer research.
Being a very young cancer survivor, Lucy was determined she wanted to help her doctors raise money for research and help find a cure. When she turned four, she set up a lemonade stand and when word got out, she raised over $2,000 the first day. People were inspired by this young girl’s story and wanted to help out too.

Today, annual lemonade stands are held across the nation by schools, businesses and organizations to support Lucy’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Lucy’s Foundation encourages the involvement of kids and adults alike. To date, it has helped fund over 200 research projects and has created a travel program to help children receiving treatment, and their families.

Approximately 850 Canadian children are diagnosed with cancer each year, between the ages of 0-14. Lucy was one of these children with her diagnosis being neuroblastoma. Fortunately, when Lucy was 8, she was able to receive a stem cell transplant from her older sister. This was good news as 7 out of 10 patients who need stem cell transplants cannot find a match within their families. Now, at the ripe age of 12, she sits on the Board of Directors of Lucy’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, but leaves its management to the 6 staff it employs, and her mom, the Executive Director.

On an average day, you may find Lucy playing soccer, eating pizza or watching American Idol. Her cat keeps her company and her siblings keep her on her toes. Her contribution to society is carved in history, as well as the story of her courageous battle. Lucy Herdle’s tale proves that every one of us can make a difference in the world, no matter how big or how small. She took the lemons she was handed and made lemonade to save others. Her positive action has created a national reaction.

We all need to be the difference we want to see.

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