Direct Mail Postcard Assignment for PRLN1070

Postcard for PR Toolkit PDF

Number and type of colours to be used ie Pantone vs Process (CMYK) or both, for front and back

CMYK Colours for print, RGB for web, we are doing this for print.

c-5 m-16 y-26 k-0
c-76 m-68 y-34 k-16
c-4 m-3 y-0 k-0
c-59 m-56 y-39 k-12
c-0, m-1, y-2, k-0
c-20 m-69 y-25 k-0
c-1 m-5 y-28 k-0
c-20 m-67 y-22 k-0

Paper stock
Card stock will be used for the postcards. – I’d also like them to be matte.
Point Size: .010 would be 10pt as well as .012 would be 12pt.
Weight: Using the standard US pound (#), weight is determined as the weight of 500, 20” X “26” sheets.

Trim size

Standard PURL Postcard – Trim Size: 6″ by 8.5″ – Bleed Size: 6.25″ by 8.75″

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