Cocoon Apothecary’s Next Great Sun Safety Tip – Facebook Note

Here at Cocoon Apothecary, not only do we aim to treat your skin like royalty but also we look to educate you and pass along interesting bits of information, creating a more socially aware population.

We’ve decided to have a bit of a contest, our first one, actually. We thought about writing a note about sun safety but instead we figured we’d let you do the talking.

The topic is sun safety. Under this note, we are looking for you to post your BEST sun safety tip. Then, repost this note on your own Facebook page. Obviously if we have gold to share as far as information, we should want all of our friends to know too, right? Plus, think of it as doing your part in raising awareness concerning the dangers of the sun, this beautiful upcoming summer season.

We’re not just asking you to do this for nothing. We want to spoil you! We’re offering 20% off your purchases with Cocoon Apothecary just for helping pass along the good word. Get your friends to ‘Like’ your comment and get them to add their own. It’s just as easy as that, share your tidbit of wisdom and post our page on your Facebook wall, encouraging your friends to have a part in the discussion.

We are a blooming business and we thrive on meeting new people who are also consciously aware of the world around them. Please join us in this endeavor to reach out to a greater community and reap the benefits of great savings.

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