Robot Girl

For a project in class we need a visual representation of what technology means to us or where we see it headed or pretty much, an opinion piece on technology, in visual form. I’ve spent a lot of this semester reveling in the digital world so I decided to take a different approach to this assignment.

Robot girl is fully analog. She is painted with acrylic, only in the most primitive of ways, by just using chance and dropping the paint onto the wooden plank. She has personality through her droplets. She’s reaching up and you can see the cables in her joints stretching. It’s almost as if she’s trying to reach the sky.

She’s textured to the touch, despite being metallic, she emits a sense of warmth, her stance has an optimism about it. I used wood to paint on to keep it organic yet, I used the cool colours of the rainbow to make it seem more futuristic. I added glow in the dark paint, the planets are done in iridescent shimmer and gold flakes catch your eye in contrast to Robot Girl’s silvery sheen.

I suppose, once upon a time, that Robot Girl was meant to depict myself. I’m an analog girl in a robotic world and I’m just going to keep reaching higher. I still feel the same, hence why I’m submitting this piece of work. She’s made up of randomness and so am I, there was no plan when Robot Girl began but in the end, she turned out beautifully. I feel that she is the perfect representation of both the analog world and the digital world, showing us where we’ve come from, random drops on wood to where we are, wired together, reaching for more ..

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