More Than Meets The Eye

When I think of Transformers, I think of finely tuned machines that transform into super heroes of even more finely tuned proportions. It’s like, not only do they maneuver around in the ‘normal’ world as spicy, little hot rods, they also save the day with magnanimous feats as their alter egos. What am I getting at? Well, let me tell you, he’s a mental muscle car that morphs into an engineer of minds. Yeah, heavy, I know. Highly complimentary? Perhaps, but duly deserved.

My mentor and friend, Mason Bach, has impressed me, yet again, thoroughly. Myself, along with his peers were able to witness him ‘throw down’ an hour-long Live P.A. set the other night. In order for you to fully understand what I mean by this, I shall include pictures of his gear. Now, when you see these photos, remember he is using all of them, simultaneously, each is making different sounds and rhythms, he adds his ‘analog’ touch by including his electric violin, I know, a bit of an oxy-moron, and everything is being run through laptop software, out the speakers, onto the dance floor where, if you didn’t know that he was making all the music by hand, on the spot, you’d be none the wiser and may take it for granted.

Roland MC 909

Novation Launchpad

Korg Nanokontrol

Electric Violin

Ableton Live

Ok, so now you’ve seen the goods. I can’t begin to tell you what they all do, except the 909 makes great techno drums beats and the electric violin almost makes you want to cry. Ableton Live is a God in the world of electronic music making and the Novation Launchpad has really pretty lights that flash.

I’m a student of many things at this point in my life. Perhaps I’ve only stumbled across my interest in all these gadgets and gizmos because I’ve finally met people who work with them. On a regular basis, I’m being exposed to more and more mind numbing possibilities that excite me. If all these wonderful things have existed all along and I didn’t even know about them, imagine all the things to come that I can learn about?! I’ve just lucked out that my partner in crime is a genius of sorts, or maybe a bit of a serious nerd, whatever the genetic make-up, this boy is a machine. He left all those in attendance somewhat in awe because like I said, he makes it look easy… like a walk in the park.

Watch for yourself… It’s so cool Greenland is jealous. More than meets the eye…

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